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Straight black linen pants
Black natural linen pants with pockets

Black Linen Straight Ankle Pants with Pockets 'June'

Bravo Collection Singapore


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Linen pants with pockets in cyan
Linen straight pants in cyan

Straight Linen Ankle Pants with Pockets in Cyan Mint Green 'June'

Bravo Collection Singapore


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White linen high waist pants with pockets
High waist with ruffle and drawstring details white linen pants for women

White Linen Wide Leg Pants with Waist Ruffle, Pockets and Drawstring 'September'

Bravo Collection Singapore


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White linen pants with pockets
Linen pants in white

White Natural Linen Straight Ankle Pants with Pockets 'June'

Bravo Collection Singapore


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Linen pants women

Pants are an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. You always want to pick up a pair that will go with most things. For those who prefer loose clothing, you can buy linen women's pants of original designer cut from Bravo Collection brand. They not only look perfect, but also have their advantages, including a large assortment of different colors, styles and sizes.

What are the styles of women's linen pants?

Modern trends are more and more inclined to the fact that clothes should be not only stylish, but also comfortable. Women's linen pants have become a popular clothing trend for the summer, as linen is a completely ecological and natural material. It is not only comfortable, but also allows the body to breathe, keeping you feeling fresh even on a very hot day.

  • Classic linen trousers in a classic style are a must for those who need to adhere to the office or business dress code even in summer. Pants made of synthetic fabrics cope with the heat much worse than linen.
  • Wide linen women's pants are one of the most common styles of linen pants. Natural materials in a free cut are especially comfortable for summer, and are found much more often than straight and narrow styles. They will sit especially well on slender girls with narrow hips. Linen pants for women, which have wide legs, create volume in the lower part, thereby equalizing the proportions and creating a more feminine silhouette.
  • Narrowed linen women's pants are not as versatile as wide ones, because they fit mainly slender legs. 
  • Elastic pantsGirls who lead an active lifestyle should definitely buy women's linen pants with elastic. They belong to the more casual pants for walking.

What colors are women's linen pants?

Linen women's pants come in different colors and shades. There is an opportunity to choose trousers that will be appropriate for any occasion.

  • White linen pants outfit for women are not only in trend now, but they also perfectly reflect the sun's rays, helping to cope with the heat. White color is less practical because it gets dirty faster. However, due to the characteristics of linen, it can be washed much easier. The fabric does not deform if it is properly cared for.
  • Black linen pants, as mentioned above, are more popular as a classic or office dress code. They look very elegant and solemn. Linen is a material that, even in black, will allow you to feel comfortable in the sun.
  • Green linen pants allow you to get admiring glances. Even in such a bright design, linen adds lightness and freshness to the image, and is perfectly combined with more delicate colors.
  • Blue linen pants are not only a classic style, but also a very popular color in general. Bright and at the same time calm blue allows you to combine different shades with it and create fresh and original images.

What to wear with women's linen pants?

Clothes made of natural materials go especially well with women's linen pants. It is worth choosing the color of the top, based on the color of the pants. Pants of light shades can be worn together with shirts, blouses and tops of bright colors. You should not be afraid of experimenting with linen pants outfit, because the light bottom is like a canvas, and colors only decorate it.

If the pants have a bright color, then on the contrary, they should be combined with gentle light shades. If the top will seem uninteresting and will not have a highlight, you can always use different accessories. Things made of dense materials are not taboo, especially when it comes to a linen jacket.

Shoes should be selected based on the style. The classic looks good with moccasins, platform shoes or heels. But not only sneakers or walking sneakers are suitable for elastic pants, but also shoes, if they are more classic models of pants.

Bravo Collection – comfortable clothes for every day!

Bravo Collection brand has a large selection of linen clothing, including women's linen pants. It's great when clothes make you look good and feel comfortable.